Mrs M oder: Das mit der Demokratie

Posted on September 26, 2012


Ich bin zur Zeit in Griechenland. Die Landschaft ist wunderschön, das Wetter könnte besser nicht sein und die Leute sind supernett. Eigentlich – wenn sie nicht gerade dabei sind, mich anzufeinden, weil ich aus Deutschland bin. Das macht mich unheimlich wütend, und nicht auf die Griechen. Und was macht man dann? Richtig. Man schreibt erst mal ein Gedicht.

At first, Mrs M seemed to be fulfilling a vision
Since she was the first ever woman in her position
When I saw her on television
I too believed she actually had her mission
Oh well, I was nine years old
And had yet to learn recognizing shine from gold

And everyone cheered and everyone clapped
And everyone listened and everyone got trapped

Years have passed
Mistakes have been made
And at last
We lost our faith

You know, Mrs M
I’ve learned to think for myself
It’s now the year 2012
And I won’t fall for you again

Crisis came and hit us in the face
To solve it were thought of different ways
What to do? Mrs M had no idea
The continent was taken over by fear
But suddenly she claimed she had a plan
And everyone was her fan again

Mrs M, all money in the world
Spent all wrong will only hurt
And I’m not even sorry to say it like that:
Government has fucked up.

When it gets obvious government can’t cope
Opposition has all the hope
People still wish someone had the masterplan
And everything would be right again

Of course ending a crisis isn’t easy
Not easier that catching a beast that’s long been free
And there has to be discussion and talking – in fact a lot
The problem is: Time is running up

Oppositions have to seem cool
So one day they themselves can rule
But especially then – why not show with every letter
One ever ever publishes, that one can do better?
Why point out that something is shit
When in the end one’s just gonna vote for it?
For being a real option against Mrs M they were too afraid
And now it simply is too late

It breaks my heart to say it like that –
But clearly, opposition too has fucked up.

So in the very end, whom can we rely on?
What to do when trust in policy is gone?
We have to take things in our own hand
Even if that’s not conveniend
Are we going to keep quite forever?
Only the people can really do better.
Staying home is comfortable, but we gotta admit:
Change from the Powerful has always been bullshit.
How could they remember democracy is not about
Money, power and a car of which to be proud?

The few that do are not enough.
Government and oppositon have fucked up.
There’s only one solution in the end:
Democracy has to be lived as it’s meant.
There aren’t only a few hundred, but several billion heads
Full of good ideas one should speak before one forgets
And in the end, it’s up to each of you:
Let’s make the change finally true!

So come together. Take responsibility.
Turn many ‘I’s into ‘we’.
Dare to take an important job
And keep controlling those who get to the top.

Grabb the posters and flags from your shelves:
It’s about time we save ourselves!

(Übrigens: Die Griechen streiken ja heute. Find ich prima. Und nicht nur deshalb, weil wir und dann ein paar Museen weniger antun müssen…)