Untitled poem on how depressing this whole politics thing can be

Posted on March 16, 2013


He sat in school

With a dream in his head

So beautiful

That he would never forget


Of a better world he dreamed

And of a better life

“This will never work!”, they screamed

And started a strife


He took on the war

And fought for his believes

But he couldn’t really score

The arguments took his energy like thieves


So in the end he resigned

Had to admit he’d lost the fight

But some of his rivals were still with rage blind

It wasn’t easy to get things back right


When the pressure made him sick

He decided to leave

Didn’t throw a single brick

But fell into grief


From this day he was scared

To speak his mind

Cause he knew in case he dared

There’d be critic, and not kind


But what nobody could kill

Are the dreams that he had

Somewhere inside him remains the will

To built the world that’s inside his head